Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Book Week

Mark Sommerset and Nina Rycroft visited Vauxhall

Mark Sommerset, author of Baa Baa Smart Sheep, traveled to Vauxhall School and gave us a briefing on some of his best books.

Nina Rycroft talked about her illustrations and the many drafts that she went through until she was satisfied with a drawing for a published book.

Nina showed us her epic drawing skills by sketching a student and transforming the student from a person to a mouse.

By Alisa, Annabelle and Rose

Monday, 29 August 2016


New Student Teachers

File_000 (1).jpegFile_000.jpeg

This term we have been very lucky to have four new student teachers, Miss Kenney,  Miss Rayburn, Miss Waicek and Miss Bullock. They have come from New York and are here to learn how to be effective teachers. The new student teachers like to go sightseeing on the weekends and enjoy spending time with Vauxhall kids. They like the open plan classrooms and love teaching the kids in Totara. The student teachers think the NZ school system is really interesting and it's very different from schools in America.

By Iris and Malia

Design and Technology


Throughout Term Three, Totara have been doing a design and technology project in groups of three or four to create a functioning object out of recycled materials.  Even if you didn’t finish your project it was still a great learning experience and we all had an awesome time.  Thank you to the Totara teachers for making learning so exciting and fun.

Four Heads are Better than One

A Couch Made out of a Metal Barrle

Drift Wood Seats

An Air Conditioner

A Jewlery Holder

A Green House 

Sunday, 28 August 2016

Whanau Day

Whanau Sharing

A couple of Fridays ago the Vauxhall School kids paired up in their Whanau groups and shared their work with each other. This is a great way for older and younger students to bond and helps the younger kids in our school to gain confidence in sharing their work.
The children talking with each other and getting to know others on the school.

By Alisa, Annabelle and Rose

Friday, 26 August 2016

Pokemon Go

Pokemon go
Image result for pokemon go highest cp

The pokemon go fad has hit Vauxhall School. Pokemon Go players are everywhere. In the holidays children come up to school and catch pokemon. We think that pokemon go brings people together to catch pokemon. This is a good thing as it is the only game which keeps us active.   
Image result for pokemon go team pokemon

How many pokemon have you caught?
Pokemon go has skyrocketed. People everywhere are paying the game. Have you played? I bet you have. We see tons of children every day wandering around having fun. Pokefans sometimes set up events and catch pokemon in a certain place such as vauxhall school.

Written by Mason and Jack

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Enviro Council's big day out!

Schoolgen Cluster Day!
Recently the Enviro Council has been fortunate enough to visit Belmont Intermediate School for a Schoolgen Cluster day! We learned about solar power and experimented with different light sources. There were lots of fun activities to participate in and delicious food to go with it. The overall day was super successful and couldn’t of gone better.

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Gym Bus

Up Up and Away

Each Wednesday the Totara team have the Gym Bus come to visit.

Monday, 22 August 2016

This how we do it in Totara

Design & Technology Fair

Today was the final day for the Totara Design and Technology projects and it was fantastic to see so many parents and siblings coming along to celebrate all the hard work that has gone into these displays.

Please enjoy these pictures taken throughout the day.

Great work team!